Machine specifications:
    CHV01 Pro Automatic Steel Belt Bender
    Machine weight: 300 kg
    Height: 530 mm
    Width: 1400 mm
    Length: 1800 mm
    Product type: Can bend 28 ways. The smallest belt can break 80x80 mm, the largest belt can break larger than 600x400mm
    Capacity: Speed 12-13 belts/minute (150x150mm)
    Machine power: Motor 2HP 1 phase or 3 phase YUNSHUN Taiwan, Oil motor 250
    Machine speed: Speed 12-13 belts/minute (150x150mm)
    Electrical cabinet: CHIHO exclusive software circuit board control cabinet system
    Screen: 7-9 inch touch screen

    The CHV-01 Pro line is one of the most fully featured steel bending machines with a size of 1800x1400x530 mm and a weight of 300kg. The machine is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, including a 2HP 1 or 3-phase YUNSHUN Taiwan motor and a 20-70 hydraulic pump, hydraulic valve (02-3C2-24V-50Hz).

    The machine is equipped with a control panel system with CHIHO’s exclusive software board and a 7-9 inch touch screen. In addition, the mechanical parts are machined in detail and accurately with an integrated SKD 2-blade die that is easy to use and a single-blade stretcher that is easy to adjust.

    With smooth, efficient, durable, and economical operating performance, the CHV-01 Pro can bend construction steel from phi 6-8 and 8 xoắn (spike) with a speed of 12-13 belts/min (150x150mm). The product can bend 28 styles, the smallest belt is 80×80 mm and the largest belt can be more than 600x400mm.

    The CHV-01 Pro line is a perfect choice for contractors who need a professional belt bending machine at a reasonable price. It is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, bends belts with large belt sizes, and machined mechanical parts with precise details. The machine can bend construction steel from phi 6-8mm and 8xoắn, with a maximum belt bending speed of 12-13 belts/min.

    Customers can easily adjust the machine to bend their belts perfectly with the integrated die and single-blade stretcher. The machine’s operating efficiency is smooth, efficient, durable, and economical.

    If you are looking for a quality belt bending machine, please contact us for advice and quotes. We are happy to help you choose the right machine for your needs.

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