Machine specifications:
    CHV-03 NEW (WIRE 6,8,10mm)
    Machine weight: 500 kg
    Height: 600 mm
    Width: 2000 mm
    Length: 1500 mm
    Product type: 31 belt styles, largest belt break (1000x400) mm
    Capacity: Break 16-18 belts/minute, productivity 3 tons/day

    Dimensions: 2050x600x1600 (mm)
    Weight: 500kg
    Motor: 3HP 1,5KW, single phase 220Volt or three
    phases 380Volt
    Power: 220V hoc 380V (50-60 Hz)
    Control valve: 02-3C2-24V-50Hz
    Hydraulic pump: 40liter/minute, 70kg/cm2
    Controlling system: PLC (CHIHO)
    Screen: Muti-touch screen (7-9 inch)
    Wire: 6-8-10 (mm)
    Speed: 18 belt/minute (150x150mm)
    Maximum belt size: 1000×400 (mm)
    Material: Steel C45, SKD11

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