Machine specifications:
    Korean SUB-25S curling iron
    Machine weight: 92 kg
    Height: 530 mm
    Width: 410 mm
    Length: 450 mm
    Machine power: 1.9Kw
    Machine speed: 2 seconds/1 curl
    Electrical system: 220V; 50/60Hz;1Phase

    SEOUL SUB-25 iron curling machine line, imported from SEOUL, Korea. This is a specialized curling iron line with super light weight and easy to use. This machine line is currently supplied around the world and is available in the domestic market.

    Voltage: 220V; 50/60Hz;1Phase
    Power: 1.9Kw
    Bending speed: 2 seconds/1 curl
    Bending diameter: 25mm
    Dimensions: (LxWxH): 450x410x530mm
    Weight: 92Kg
    Warranty: 1 for 1 exchange within 3 months

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    Advantages of Korean curling iron SEOUL SUB-25S:

    The Korean SUB-25S iron bending machine has a compact box-shaped design, convenient for moving around the construction site or can be moved to wherever needed by motorbike easily.
    – The device operates on 220V household power source operating under a capacity of 1.9Kw with a fast bending speed of only 02 seconds in one bending time, bringing work efficiency when used. Furthermore, the machine can bend iron of various sizes with the largest bending diameter being D25 iron. Korean curling iron SUB-25S has the ability to operate well even in weak electrical environments.

    Máy uốn sắt SUB-25S Seoul Hàn Quốc
    – The buttons to adjust the bending angle and bending degree are right on the front of the machine. You can adjust them easily, achieving high accuracy when used. Furthermore, you can set two angle modes at the same time for more convenience at work.

    SUB-25S SEOUL iron bending machine originated from Korea

    – Gearbox and gears are made of high-quality steel that is durable over long periods of use. The machine is improved with an anti-gear breakage system when bending overload to ensure safety during use
    – This is one of the compact iron bending machine products suitable for use in civil construction and small and medium projects.


    + Diameter: 25 mm
    + Bending speed: 2 seconds/time
    + Power source: 220V, 50/60 Hz, 1.9 KW, 1 phase
    + Weight: 92 kg
    + Dimensions (LxWxH): 450x410x530
    + Warranty – 1 for 1 exchange within 3 months
    – 9 months warranty
    Accessories included:
    1 carrying case included
    – Two toads
    – Two curling lots
    – A hex key
    – A screwdriver
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