Machine specifications:
    Height: 2100 mm
    Width: 3500 mm
    Length: 5500 mm
    Product type: Machining 3mm steel or as required
    Machine power: 1.5 tons - 2.2 tons with width from 1.5m - 2.4m
    Machine motor: 5,5HP, three phases 380Volt
    Electrical system: 3 phase 380V/ 1 phase power supply required

    • B40 mesh knitting machine is widely used in various fields, including construction, transportation, industry, agriculture, fisheries, and livestock farming.
    • B40 mesh is used to create fences, protecting properties around houses, schools, military
    facilities, restaurants, parking lots,…
    • It serves as safety fencing at construction sites, safeguarding materials at ports, and along
    • Utilized in animal husbandry, constructing pens, and separating animals or crops.
    • Applying in mechanical processing, manufacturing flow fences

    • Barbed wire is used as a fence to prevent livestock from entering or to block access to
    areas that others don’t want to be trespassed upon. It is also used in national defense by
    using barbed wire fences to hinder the progress of the enemy, separate highway sections, or
    railroad tracks…
    • This type of barbed wire is most commonly used in rural areas, highlands…
    • Below are the technical specifications of the latest technology barbed wire knitting machine.

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