Machine specifications:
    Automatic stirrup bending machine 2D (Diameter 6-8-10mm)
    Height: 1550 mm
    Width: 900 mm
    Length: 2300 mm
    Product type: Can bend more than 32 belt styles (belt style can be customized). Largest belt (800-400) mm or upon request. The belt fits beautifully
    Capacity: Productivity 2-3 tons/day. Bending according to 2D deformation - Can bend 6.8mm iron.
    Machine speed: Speed: 15-16 belts/minute (150x150mm belt)
    Machine motor: Japanese materials: Tokyo Keiki Valve, Japanese Yuken Pump
    Screen: Fully controlled by touch using CHIHO exclusive technology

    The 2D automatic iron belt bending machine is a specialized device designed to break iron belts in different belt styles, meeting the production needs of factories, iron belt factories, construction projects and big projects. With the ability to bend more than 32 types of belts, the largest belt can reach the size (800-400)mm or as required, the belt is precise and beautiful, the 2D automatic iron belt bending machine is an optimal choice. for the production needs of modern iron belts.

    Productivity and speed:

    With a productivity of 2-3 tons/day and the ability to bend according to 2D deformation – breaking 6,8,10mm iron, the 2D automatic iron belt bending machine is a device capable of stable and effective operation. The machine’s belt bending speed is 15-16 belts/minute with a 150x150mm belt, helping to increase production productivity and greatly reduce time and costs.

    Machine engine:

    The 2D automatic iron belt bending machine is designed with a high-quality engine with Keiki Tokyo valve and Japanese Yuken pump, ensuring stable operation, less damage, and high durability.

    CHIHO exclusive technology touch:

    Controlled entirely by touch using CHIHO’s exclusive technology, the 2D automatic iron belt bending machine brings convenience and high accuracy to the user. Adjusting and setting production parameters on the machine is simpler and easier than ever.

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