Machine specifications:
    Machine weight: 4000 kg
    Height: 950 mm
    Width: 3450 mm
    Length: 6200 mm
    Product type: Phi 10-25mm
    Machine power: 11kw
    Electrical system: 3 pha

    I400 body
    – Machine weight: 4 tons
    – Thrust force 40 tons
    – Main cylinder 160 x stroke 1,800, ty 100
    – Side port 150 x stroke 500, ty 90
    – 150 liter oil tank
    – 3-phase 11Kw motor, NaChi Japan Hydraulic Pump 50Lit/min
    – Taiwanese mortar type mechanical valve.
    – Fold 10-20 pieces into a 3-ton bundle
    – Each push lasts 1-2 minutes.

    Mã: CHG-01 Danh mục: , ,
    Iron folding machine Model CHG-01 is capable of folding large iron bundles up to 11.7 meters,
    making the transportation of steel to customers convenient and easy

    The CHG-01 bundled steel bending machine is a type of machinery used in large-scale factories, steel and iron shops, and construction material stores. Its purpose is to bend and bundle large steel bars, making it convenient and easy to transport them to customers. This machine has the capability to bundle steel bars up to 40-50 tons in a period of 3-5 minutes. It saves labor costs and provides high economic efficiency for our valued customers. Below are the technical specifications of the CHG-01 bundled steel bending machine produced by CHIHO:


    • Machine Body: I400
    • Machine Weight: 4 tons
    • Pushing Force: 40 tons
    • Main Vise: 160 x 1,800, clamp 100
    • Sub Vise: 150 x 500, clamp 90
    • Oil Tank Capacity: 150 liters
    • 3-Phase Motor: 11 Kw, Hydraulic Pump NaChi Japan 50 Liters/minute
    • Taiwanese-style mechanical valve.
    • Bends 10-20 bundled bars, 3 tons each
    • 1-2 minutes per push

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